The Department's Open Door policy allows students access to the facilities in their own time. We also offer The Stretch and Invest Project and The Peri Project. 

Oil Painting - The Stretch and Invest Project

There is a mystery that surrounds oil painting. It is different somehow; richer and more elusive as a medium.  However, on the other hand it is just paint; a coloured pigment held in a binder dissolved by white spirit or turpentine instead of water. Around 20 pupils have been painting a figurative portrait in oil on canvas for two terms. They have come religiously every week and loved the challenge. They have sought to layer the paint and slowly build up brushstrokes and blended areas. They have used Liquin, an oil medium, to speed up the drying time and help with glazing.  The portraits will be exhibited publically in the summer of 2018 finish or not, so the race is on! (

Ceramics - The Peri Project

This course, like the others will adapt over time, but initially it has looked and responded to the work of Ken Price; his slick geometric forms and luminous glazes. The students create a card maquette, and roughly a 30cm high outcome which can have smaller satellite sculptures around it. The students glaze the work. They are introduced to a different type of clay, not used in lessons, more sophisticated techniques and are challenged to refine the quality of their work to a more professional level standard. This course is led by Donald Hawkley ( who taught Art and Design at Royal Hospital School from 1978-2017.

Textiles - The Peri Project

Maggie Davis ( runs fast paced engaging textile workshops. She covers molar/reverse applique, quilting, free machine embroidery and using an embellishing machine if time allows. For pupils who have never used a sewing machine this is a ‘0-60 mph’ experience; an incredible opportunity to learn the techniques and the aesthetic sensibility associated with textiles. For those who bring some or even lots of experience to the sessions it is a chance to learn from a fountain of knowledge and experience.  Maggie Davis was recently Head of Art at Ipswich School and now runs a variety of textile courses in schools and from her Manor Farm Studio.

Studio Photography - The Peri Project

The Photographic course focuses on the use of studio lighting in our Photographic Studio. Ruth Leach is a professional photographer; she takes the students through the manual operation of the camera, how to safely operate within a studio, how to set up and sync the camera to the lights and how to achieve a number of different lighting effects.
We use a pair of Elinchrom Softbox Lights with Elinchrom Skyport Transmitter Plus. The end of the course challenges the students to become more independent in their use of the equipment so that they can explore their own ideas in their own time by booking the studio.(

Photoshop - The Peri Project

This course, run by Ross Holden ( focusses on some of the selection tools and how to use layers. The students make digital collages and the skills developed are transferable to other uses of Photoshop. He uses artists such as Richard Hamilton, Linder Sterling, Peter Kennard and Peter Blake as an artistic context for the course. The course shows the students the tip of the iceberg, giving them the opportunity and facilities to take their knowledge and creativity further after the course. The course level is adapted to the prior skill and knowledge of the individual students so that those already well versed in Photoshop are challenged and able to develop further.